The prison made of smoke A channeled message

May 1, 2017

Oh my dearest one you are the one who has imprisoned your self your perceived prison as made of iron Stone and bars. However my darling nothing could be farther from the truth it is made with nothing more than a smoke and mirrors. No one can in prison a son of God free your self now and realize that the key is around your neck now this is not a physical key this is the key of love this key lead you to your sovereignty. My dear if you would only realize the bars of your prison are nothing at all but smoke. But what does this mean that love is the key love is the key because we must begin to understand that the bars even though they are nothing but smoke and mirrors are your own thoughts and these thoughts are what behind you you must change your thoughts to change your reality and the thoughts of love are the greatest reality changing thoughts that you could have. So dear one change your thoughts today change your thoughts to my loving thoughts of yourself your situation so forth and so on do this in gladness for when you do you shall see that your present transforms into the palace it has always been. 


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